EMPORIO SIRENUSE Men's Swimming Trunk - Micro Blue Black

EMPORIO SIRENUSE Men's Swimming Trunk - Micro Blue Black

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llegra Hicks design uses Le Sirenuse's logo to create beautiful prints. These swimming trunks are exclusively made by Le Sirenuse, Positano. They are available at Emporio Le Sirenuse in Positano, online and in a few very selected boutiques. Look for the sirens of our logo! They are hidden in the design, whether it’s just the tails or the whole body!

Made with a light, synthetic fabric that dries very quickly, these trunks have two side pockets and a back pocket which closes with velcro. Of course, they also have an inside net lining. 

Size: L
Color: Blue Black

Emporio Sirenuse is a gateway into a charmed world. In a men’s store and women’s store across the road from Le Sirenuse hotel you’ll find a highly curated range of lifestyle items as well as the iconic Le Sirenuse Positano ready-to-wear collection.

In 2013 Carla Sersale launched her first collection of caftans and cushions, which has since evolved into a full-scale resort and beachwear fashion line. True to its heritage, Le Sirenuse Positano is a Mediterranean sea breeze, a confident sashay from beach to bar, a sensuous Positano ballad sung by candlelight.

Emporio Sirenuse continues to present a constantly renewed, highly curated range of homeware, table and lifestyle items, many of them exclusives, arising from collaborations with a long list of artists and designers that include Giuseppe Ducrot, Luke Edward Hall, Coralla Maiuri and Allegra Hicks.